The Fife Coastal Path

This is a walk along the Coastal Fringe of Fife offering commanding views across the Firth of Forth to the City of Edinburgh, over to the Isle of May, then northerly to the Angus Coast and the Firth of Tay.

The Way has been extended from its original 82.5 miles / 132 km to 116.5 miles / 186 km in length and is generally divided into eight sections passing through:

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North Queensferry






St Andrews



Route map

With the extension of the route this popular website has been modified to incorporate the two new sections.

This can be split into roughly eight equal days or for the more energetic it can be undertaken in seven or even six days. There is also still the option of simply walking the original route from Forth to Tay bridges or add to this with either the southern or northern extensions.

For detail on how to split the route visit the comprehensive Distances and Options section.

This walking route has both beauty and heritage, along with significant access to the varied Fife communities. The path is not that demanding in terms of walking terrain, but with the exception of only a few urban sections the paths are open with changing outlooks and walking conditions. The walker will be delighted with the history and attractiveness of so many of the villages and towns and may want to linger at many of the visitor attractions and nature reserves along the way.

The website is much more than just a detailing of the walking route. It has been designed to let you learn about the walking route, the history of the communities and essential information for the walker before setting out on this long distance pathway.

As with all our walking websites we are willing to respond to any electonic enquires should they arise and you should use this link to contact us with your questions or comments.

To access the rest of the website simply use the navigation links below, or alternatively to see the Path section by section starting at Kincardine click here.

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