Kirkton of Glenisla to Alyth
11 miles / 17.6 kilometres
Starting altitude - 824 Ft / Highest point - 1144 Ft / End altitude - 367 Ft

Starting in the county of Angus the trail returns into Perthshire during the course of this section. The section also returns the walker into the lower lands of Strathmore but with great end views across to the Sidlaw Hills.
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View to Druim Dearg The trail commences the next section with a short walk west out of Kirkton of Glenisla on the B 951. As the road approaches the primary school the trail leaves the road and turns left down a narrow path to the river.

But just before you turn off the road the walker should turn left (south) to view the terrain and line of the walk as this initial mile may not seem intuitive. Ahead is a heather clad hill up onto the moors standing below Druim Dearg (453 metres) This summit is just visible in the adjacent picture as a pimple at the centre of the horizon line. There is also a tree line in the SSE direction, this being the trees as shown on the left horizon of the picture. The trail climbs to the horizon line, then heads towards the corner of the trees, but first to the crossing of the River Isla.

Iron Footbridge At the foot of the narrow path there is a gate and immediately through it the walker is onto a 1824 constructed iron footbridge that straddles the River Isla. On the south bank there may appear to be some confusion between waymarking, maps and guide books and it is for that reason and the seemingly easier alternative that some guides describe that the website has defined its surveyed route as not being intuitive.

Glen Isla near to Cammock Farm Take the narrow path to the right and follow this in a south south west direction. It very quickly starts to make an ascent up a rough path with heather on both sides, making past further Waymarking posts to a stile crossing a dry stane dyke. Cross and continue in the same direction to a path junction, again with waymarker post, at which point the walker turns left and heads towards the trees.

Once at the trees the walker enters the wood and follows the rough track as it curves in a clockwise direction and descends to a fence, gate and stile now adjacent to an open hillside field. Cross the stile and head left down the field to again close another stile and enter onto a farm track. At this point turn right and follow this track as it now logically follows the west side of the Glen south towards Kilry.

Old Schoolhouse As the track moves down the Glen and reaches Scruschloch the underfoot conditions change to that of a narrow single track road as it continues at an elevated level parallel to the River. Shortly, there is a descent passing a few houses that form the community of Kilry. A quick right and then left takes the walk past the Kilry Old Schoolhouse, perhaps well recognised for its “Benchmark” Symbol on it gable end.

Ladder Stile and Bridge

Soon the trail leaves the road and is now onto farmland and woodland fringes as the walk circles below Balduff Hill. Having started in a south easterly direction it changes to a south westerly direction crossing woodland copse, sticking to field edges then crossing a combined ladder stile and bridge. These fields are likely to have both sheep and cattle grazing so the walker needs to be comfortable walking past cattle. Our words of advice for the unfamiliar; make sure any accompanying dog is on a lead and in close control, give cows with calves a wide distance and if there are any bulls, again give them space and do not come between them and nearby cows or calves.

Valley between Loyal and Alyth Hills The walk as it tracks towards Ardormie Farms is onto a grass track between fields and it is likely that in these fields the walker may see a number of Highland cattle with their distinctive long coats and horns. To the east the route is visible as it heads towards Incheoch. Once at this junction the Trail is almost due south for the final 3.5 kilometres. For the enthusiastic who want to see the famous Reekie Linn waterfall on the River Isla this is the point to make the detour, adding a further 3 Kms for both getting to and returning to Incheoch.

Track descending into Alyth

Sticking to the waymarked route there is, from Incheoch, a 200 metre stretch of road to walk before taking to the hill path. The route line is visible as it starts to climb between the Hills of Loyal and Alyth. This is first by way of a field track which slowly narrows as it ascends into a valley between the two hill. Then at the top the vista opens up over Alyth into the wide expanse of Strathmore. A country track now completes the walk into Alyth concluding at the site of the original market cross at the top of Tootie Street.

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